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Cheshire Productions is a team with a dedication to creating events that bring the arts and cultural community together to sing, dance, share poetry, but always to smile. Constantly evolving from our original goals, we continue to grow and change together, while maintaining the quality we've become known for.


Cheshire is striving to be an national company. With an established base in our home town of Edmonton, Alberta and a new base of operation in Victoria, British Columbia, we are well on our way there. The hope, is that one day, we will find a way to make the whole world smile.


EDUCATION of our staff, volunteers and the public about the arts.

RESPECT for the public and industry members.

ENCOURAGEMENT in the exploration of new ideas and avenues of expansion.

COMMUNITY building and maintenance

COLLABORATION with like minded local businesses to help push each other forward

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Cheshire Chats!

The 5th Annual and Final Mahsicre

**Artist Feature**
Crystal Daddy
Opening the Heaven Stage Crystal Daddy will be gracing us with his dancefloor warm up and is not to be missed!
"I'll basically play anything with dirty bass and a trumpet."
With a taste for the oldies and throwback beats, Crystal Daddy combines a flavor blend of funk and groove under the guise of house and dirty bass.
You can be sure that any line-up featuring this crystal papa is going to be a wild booty shakin' ride through the rhythms of old and new.


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#deejay #clubdj #artist #artistsupport #halloween2021 #halloween #ravelife #rave #crystaldaddy

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Presale Tickets Sold out within one minutes, and Tier 1 tickets are 50% sold out for the 5th Annual and Final Mahsicre. Don't sleep on these tickets fam ❤
Lineup announcment on monday! https://mahsi.tickit.ca/events/12573

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✨ Meet Cody! ✨

With over 8 years of experience managing promotion teams and events, as well as being a popular name in the local DJ community for many years, Cody aka Gatsby is no stranger to the music scene. His attention to detail and passion for curating top quality events ensures that each show is an unforgettable, inclusive experience. Cody's love of music runs deep and with his extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, he has his finger on the pulse of artists we all want to see and hear. As the Talent Buyer and Promotions Consultant, he is excited to utilize his experience in event management, promotions and marketing to share his knowledge and grow with the Cheshire Productions family. #comesmilewithus

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Jem Honey is the Live Music Booking Agent for Cheshire Productions.

After living across Canada and being a beach bum along the Pacific Coast, she moved to Edmonton in 2018. From bartending, performance-anxiety coaching, and being on several Boards, including a non-profit charity, she enjoys channeling her cohesive organizational skills to support local businesses. Jem is a student once again in life, attending MacEwan University Arts and Culture Management Program, focusing on the music industry. C’est la vie!

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This is Tarryn. She loves cats, coffee and social media. With a marketing background that spans over 10 years in the entertainment industry, Tarryn is happy to be joining the Cheshire team as a liaison for social media and marketing with her business. TKO Social Media & Marketing focuses on small businesses to elevate their engagement to bring a community of loyal fans.

Fostering great relationships is her jam, and she cannot wait to return to live performances to create all the Insta-worthy moments we have been missing.

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Phase Three Patio Party Photo Album!
Head to our Facebook page to see the complete album!

Big thanks to everyone that came out!

What was your favourite moment of the show?

Ours was daddy @thebeerda behind the barbeque serving delicious burgs and dad jokes...... and of course all the artists, volunteers and you fine folks!

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Photo cred: @helonphoto

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