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    With Us!

    Dedicated to creating events that bring music
    lovers together to dance and smile as one!

  • Inspiring

  • Production Equipment That IsSecond to NONE!

    Our story continues to evolve while maintaining
    the quality that we started with.


Cheshire Productions is a team with a dedication to creating events that bring the arts and cultural community together to sing, dance, share poetry, but always to smile. Constantly evolving from our original goals, we continue to grow and change together, while maintaining the quality we've become known for.


Cheshire is striving to be an national company. With an established base in our home town of Edmonton, Alberta and a new base of operation in Victoria, British Columbia, we are well on our way there. The hope, is that one day, we will find a way to make the whole world smile.


EDUCATION of our staff, volunteers and the public about the arts.

RESPECT for the public and industry members.

ENCOURAGEMENT in the exploration of new ideas and avenues of expansion.

COMMUNITY building and maintenance

COLLABORATION with like minded local businesses to help push each other forward

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Cheshire Chats!

Brand new Cheshire Artist!

Disco Porn with their debut single "Moon Sugar"

Here's a little teaser!

Check out their socials to hear the full track on April 1st 2021


#debutsingle #yegmusic #ComeSmileWithUs #yegartist

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Get you tickets today for @balkanbump Live from Joshua Tree!

Streaming his brand new album Osmanity in it's entirety!

Link in the comments!

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We are proud to announce that Cheshire Productions will be running the music and entertainment production of @lord.of.the.wings_yeg

Giving us someWing to look forward too in 2022 this chicken wing festival will be held at the home of the @edmriverhawks Re/Max Field!

Live Music - Craft Beer - Art - Chicken Wings - Games - Prizes!

Sound like your type of of event?

Give all the socials a follow to stay up to date and get ready for the adventure that will be Lord Of The Wings!

#livemusic #craftbeer #localbusiness #comesmilewithus #chickenwings
#yeg #yeggers #yegevents #yegfood #yeglocal

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Happy Holidays to you all!

One day past the 12 DJAYS of Cheshmas and Christmas is here. We look under the tree and see something so exciting it makes us shed a tear....... it's a Jake Robertz CHESHMAS Miracle Mix !!

We were having so much fun we decided to add a BONUS MIX! When we thought we couldn't get any luckier Jake agreed to join in on the fundraiser and provided this CHESHMAS Miracle Mix!

To give everyone one last chance to donate we are leaving the donation link for Boyle Street Community Services until late on Boxing Day!

Take a listen to all the mixes and if you feel generous please donate through the link below and in bio!



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12th Day of CHESHMAS is among us!

The notorious @itstomanthony brings us a mix to keep you're body moving on this beautiful Christmas Eve!

Throw on the mix, finish up those last minute shopping details, get wrapping all while you get your boogie on!

We are in the final push to raise $2500.00 for Boyle Street Community Services and are a few hundred off!

Please help us reach this goal! Any little bit will help!


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