Jeff Lucas

Born in the depths of Edmonton and raised in the outskirts of Sherwood Park I had a love for music from a very young age starting with piano lessons and obsessing over tapes like Fats Domino and the Rolling Stones.  As I grew my interest in electronic music was sparked for the first time when I got my hands on a very impactful album which was "Big Shiny Tunes 2” with songs like Block Rocking Beats by the Chemical Brothers.  From there, I was hooked progressing into Daft Punk and still keeping my love for old time blues and funk.  In 2006 I had my first festival experience, not knowing what I was getting myself into I hitched a ride to Shambhala, Coachella, Holy Ship, North Country Fair, Astral Harvest and the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Fest followed that experience.  Once I had being to a few of these there was a high interest in becoming more involved. After a few volunteer stints and attempts to contribute by being in the most creative costume possible I knew I needed to be on the organization side of these events. Frequenting events for years I grew a love for the local music scene which is rich with talent.  Using my 14 years of construction and small business management experience I was invited to by Dan Meyer to throw a music festival which we would call Half Moon Rising Music Festival.  In the process of this we decided to start the little smile on the Edmonton and Western Canada’s music scene you all know as Cheshire Productions.


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