Jeff Lucas

Born in the depths of Edmonton and raised in the outskirts of Sherwood Park with a love for music from a very young age I started with piano lessons and obsessing over tapes like Fats Domino and the Rolling Stones.  As I grew my interest in electronic music was sparked for the first time when I got my hands on a very impactful album which was "Big Shiny Tunes 2” with songs like Block Rocking Beats by the Chemical Brothers.  From there, I was hooked progressing into Daft Punk and still keeping my love for old time blues and funk.  In 2006 I had my first festival experience, not knowing what I was getting myself into I hitched a ride to Shambhala, Coachella, Holy Ship, North Country Fair, Astral Harvest and the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Fest followed that experience.  Once I had being to a few of these as an attendee there was a high interest in becoming more involved.  It was a natural progression from attending to volunteering to managing and creating.


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