Pot of Gold Party with Stanton Warriors!

Stanton Warrior DJs in front of crowd

Cheshire Productions was proud to present the LEGENDARY super duo STANTON WARRIORS on March 17, 2018 at our first Pot of Gold Party!


We followed the rainbow to Church Of John in Edmonton, Alberta on St. Pattie’s Day – and grooved glammed out in gold to the kings of breakbeats!

Stanton Warriors lead the pack with support by Better Living DJs, Beat Burglar, and Bass Tasty! We were also joined by the delectable RogueBabez doing what they do best, dancin’ up a storm!

In the studio, Bristol’s Mark Yardley and Dominic Butler have honed a trademark, un-categorisable sound that is at once all their own, but also utterly indefinable; leading to high-profile releases on XL Records, Fabric, Cheap Thrills and Universal, alongside official remixes for everyone from Daft Punk to MIA and Fatboy Slim. This phenomenal output and remarkable longevity, has ensured the Stanton Warriors legendary status amongst not only their fans, but also their peers, as they remain fresh, original and relevant; obstinately dancing to beat of their own drum and helping to pave the way for new talent.

Click play below to experience their earth shatterin’ super breaks and relive that Saint Patrick’s Day magic!