Boogie Patrol w/ Shaguar + Breakers – Sat May 26th at The Forge

Friday Saturday May 26th Cheshire Productions and The Scott Love & Slim Jones Show proudly present

Boogie Patrol – has steadily built their reputation as one of Western Canada’s premier act’s and has garnered acclaim and an enthusiastic following since the groups inception in 2007. A 5 piece group that continue to create superb original music based on their collective influences. We’re talking Blues and Rock’n Soul, with a dose of funk all thrown into the melting pot to create what is Boogie Patrol, a stylistically unique group that is all about bringing loads of energy to the stage and to their music, with a goal of appealing to all walks of life.

Boogie Patrol boasts a frontman influenced by the grit gravel greats of music past and is backed by a cast of some of the most unique and well versed musicians you’ll find most anywhere. Some of them even hailing from Japan to New York to of course home bred Canadian talent!

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Everyone Loves a Heavy Slynk Show!

We are back at Knoxville’s with another BANGEN line up.


Just announced as a Shambhala Headliner!

Evan Chandler aka Slynk had music on the mind from birth. Naturally gifted with a musical ear he flirted with a range of classical instruments including piano, guitar and drums.
In 2004, Slynk received a gift that would inevitably set the wheels in motion. A set of turntables motivated the aspiring DJ, and consequently resulted in an unremitting addiction to vinyl. The two years following, in his hometown Brisbane, Slynk secured a residency in an underground New York inspired café. Here he refined his skills, experimented and educated his peers and fans with mash up productions of classic hip hop, ingrained with rare and funky, rhythmically savvy grooves.
In April 2008 local DJ agencies started showing a zealous interest and in time Slynk was running rampage and shaking rumps throughout Brisbane’s most notorious funky joints. Bedroom DJ no longer, Slynk was fulfilling his destiny as one of Australia’s leading funky breakbeat DJs and producers.

X-Ray Ted

X-Ray Ted is a DJ & producer from Bristol, UK, specialising in Party Breaks, Hip Hop, Funk & Bass. His multi-genre sets & production have gained him support from the likes of DJ Yoda, The Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 Music, and international clothing label Superdry.

His energetic live sets, paired with his technical ability as a turntablist, have gained him headline performances across the globe including 2016 & 2017 tours across Canada and Europe, and making him a regular at almost every major UK festival.

The Funkee Wadd

The Funkee Wadd, born of an extraordinary man deemed Montgomery, and an angelic being by the name Of Mary-Helen, he has come to the western coast of British Columbia to bring one thing, and one thing only, Bass. With a focus on the funk and breaks, he is no stranger to elevating a dance floor with the likes of jungle, fist pumping electro, sexy jacking house, soulful bass music, the glitchiest of glitch hop and anything else that may cause a booty popping effect or head banging tendencies. The Funkee Wadd has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many acts such as The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds, Mat The Alien, JFB, Souls Of Mischief, Slynk, A Skillz, SkiiTour, Father Funk, WBBL, Featurecast, and many, many other talented individuals. For the past 2 years, The Funkee Wadd headed to England to play the Ghetto Funk Shindig Weekender, as well as perform at many festivals around Alberta and BC, such as Center Of Gravity, Elecric Love Music Festival, Tall Tree Music Festival, Astral Harvest, Shambhala, Atmosphere, and many more. The Funkee Wadd and his golden(Steel) Harmonica are known for causing a dance floor to get all types of wiggly, and will always make sure you leave the floor weak in the knees and fiending for more.


(NiteOwl YEG, AWakeNLife Productions)

Since Kelly has started spinning records, her love for music always shines through during her sets! Starting off her career in the harder genres, she has found a love for dirty, filthy breakbeats, drum and bass and house!

Kelly first graced the decks at Twilight Afterhours in 2004 and for the last 13 years, has solidified her place in the local Edmonton scene and western Canada. With her new company “NiteOwl YEG” now up and running, you can catch her throwing down at BRIXX for their weekly night “Funked Up Thursday’s”

Known for her fast paced, pounding, soul shaking basslines, powerful vocals, and high energy sets, she is sure to get your feet moving and your ears begging you for more! No matter what she is playing, you will not be disappointed!