Two People on stage

Cheshire Chats is a growing community space for individuals to share their talent and passion related to the WORD.

Hosted by a variety of different hosts, this Edmonton based Open Mic night is like none you've experienced before. With a little bit of laughter, a lot of love and a sprinkle of glory and gloom, this event welcomes performers of all levels to share their art and self expression in a safe and supportive environment.

Currently we have moved online due, the link below will take you to our Facebook group page where the link is posted weekly.

Not a Facebook user? That's cool, there's also a couple subscribe links around the website, one here and one on the home page. If you add your email to one of these we can just send you the link weekly!

Looking forward to seeing ya!


Have you got the spirit of a host? Shoot us an email at!

We'd love to let y'all steer the ship for a night!