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Wheelhouse Productions

An Edmonton based music and culture collective, dedicated to pursuing an alternative and unique take on the electronic music and arts scene throughout Western Canada.

Associated Artists

Greg Morgan
(handmade shoes, leather goods)

Jakob Shivengri

Collaborative Breweries

Collective Arts Brewing will be bringing in these delicious beers especially for Father Funk, Sammy Senior, Monkey Twerk and local support event. It's our holy water in this Church Of Love for all you disco angels! The beers will be on special and we graciously tested them all to ensure your satisfaction!

This is a very cool company that puts different artists work on almost every can and inspired us to incorporate a few more art installations for this show. Check them out in more detail by going to their website.

Big thanks to our contact Stu Chell from Collective Arts for providing the holy water!

Visit today for more info!