Oh my lovely lanta…

We want to give a MASSIVE shout out to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU THAT ATTENDED THIS INCREDIBLE EVENT! The dancefloor was bumpin‘ from start to finish, with funktastic vibes that set the place on fire. Literally. The brigade arrived because our Father in Funk brought the heat – and then WE RAVED ON !

Thank you Buck Heintz , for the epic aftermovie! Relive the magic. Press play homies. Read below for a lil’ more juicy deets about each artist!

Father Funk took the show – writing March 24th, 2018 as a date to never be forgotten in the history books of Edmonton . Father Funk’s energy mixed with the big bass, ghetto funk beats and larger than life funky samples his recipe for a good time brings – the dancefloor was lit! So much so that the Fire Department wanted to join the party. Reverend Lucas chanted out that holy Starlite window :

“We want that Father. We want that funk!”!

The yearning for a return to groovier times was so ferociously sung, that the masses called out uncontrollably in unison. Edmonton Fire Fighters concluded they could not continue disrupting such a moving event, and respectfully allowed the Cheshire masses to continue the holy ceremony.

Sammy Senior (DJ/Producer)  is a splicing together of the DNA of Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Captain Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson when he was eight, Data from the Goonies and a labrador puppy… Shake well in a soft leather Gucci cowboy boot, pour contents into a petri dish and place in the airing cupboard under the Anne Summers knickers for two weeks.

Add a pinch of the cookie monster, two fingers of Dolly Parton and cover generously with the sex musk of Burt Reynolds and you’ll be close to recreating something that resembles Sammy Senior. We were honored to have him grace out event and boy, did he get those booties grooving! Taking the stage just before our Father in Funk with added in vocals by our local Thug Shells, Sammy was the perfect act to roll out just before our main event!

Poppa Squats our one and only never disappoints. Our local go to gravy train kept it shiny with heavy influences of glitch hop, funk, breaks and drum & bass – the amalgamation of original and remixed material with both fresh and classic tunes with vocals by Thug Shells warmed the dancefloor up real good.

Bass Tasty served those decibels so deliciously and opened the evening up with those funkastical yummy sounds, prepping the evening and setting the tone for a holy ceremony of epic sounds!

Thug Shells   our favorite local MC, premiered her vocals over Sammy Seniors & Poppa Squats set, leaving us wanting more bubbly gangster lyricism. Her scriptures of silly aboard vessels of vernacular, we were prepared to sail aboard that nautical spectacular. The pirate princess will casted that sail, and did we ever relish in her auditory tale. Blending happy frequencies with wonderful meanings and bum shakin’ rhymthms, we are looking forward to her new album, BUBBLY GANGSTER, dropping soon!

Shout out to Dan Shinnan AKA “Rotten Dan” from the Boogie Patrol for his guest appearance and the going ham on the harmonica keep killing it brother you are one of the most talented musicians that have graced the earth!

All we can say is wow. We love you stunning RogueDance babes, Melissa Anne Tara Gollings Jennifer Clayton , who sweep us off our feet with their grace every event.  Lindsey Forest was taken under their angel wings for her FIRST HOOP PERFORMANCE ever, and she killed it.

Shout out to The Starlite Room you guys were a treat to work with – such genuine people running that ship! BOOYEA! Mandi Brosseau we love you and thank you so much for getting us in touch with Will Williamson and helping with the booking process.

To our wonderful Agata Raymond , thank you! Your photos speak a thousand words. Your talent is surpassable by nooone.

Shout out to Freebird Entertainment INC. the hookup for PK Sound !

Huge gratitude for Jakob Shivengri for the help with the building of the organ and glimpsing into his creative mind- thank you for the incredibly mind-blowing live painting (which was auctioned off and proceeds donated to Edmonton Humane Society).

Much mucho gracias to  Vicky S. Mittal for mesmerizing visuals. Shout out to Collective Arts Brewing for supplying those tasty tasty beers,

Last, but not least,  to all our FAMILY and FRIENDS who continuously give us undying love and support. This would be impossible without you guys, and you blow our minds daily with the community you create.

Till you Come Smile With Us again,



The Cheshire Family.